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Episode 65 – “Let Sleeping Truths Lie”

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Chris and Kenny destroy space-time by reuniting in a barrage of Chrenny classics, including summer movie pitches, Real or Fake, and more. A post-episode press conference reveals their true feelings about the experience.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 64 – “None Shall Be Satisfied”

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In the shocking series finale, Chris quits as editor of the show and Chrenny delivers 2.5 hours of painfull farewells and listener torments as they eat cake and drink Slurpees.

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Episode 63 – “Science Isn’t Magic”

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Chrenny accepts a dare by a listener to build an entire show around the Disney sitcom, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

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Episode 62 – “French Speaking Paramedic”

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Chrenny spends most of this episode dwelling on Oscar nominees and other awards talk, including fake nominees for fake categories and a People’s Choice Award Quiz, before running through a short gauntlet of listener generated topics.

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Episode 61 – “Mona”

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After a month away, Chrenny tries to clean up a mess of holiday topics, including Kwanzaa movie pitches, Kenny’s return to standup, the “Now Report” vs “Just Happened Stuff” showdown, and kicking off the 2012 Chrenny death pool.

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Episode 60 – “Vjjordkinsterck”

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December in the Garden continues as Chris and Kenny throw holiday trivia around and serve up a batch of Hanukkah movie pitches to follow the Christmas movie ideas of Episode 59. Kenny issues a year-end challenge.

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Episode 59 – “Blah Blah Blah Yes”

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After a few weeks away, Chrenny returns with tales of The Panel, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Chris declares his Christmas movie mission then hits Kenny up with a Sci-Fi Novel edition of Real or Fake. Also: find out how Chrenny will die!


Thanksgiving Week

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Chris and Kenny skipped this week’s episode to appear at The Panel, a live comedy show at the Upfront Theatre which is also recorded as a podcast! A podcast we will direct you to when it becomes available. In the meantime, why not like us on Facebook, or sate your Chrenny hunger by listening to old goodies such as Episode 34 – “That Mean Old Badger”? Maybe you’d like to relive the Españottish of Episode 27 – “I’m Part of the Machine” or the more recent Back to School theme of Episode 53 – “Maybe I’ve Got a Phobia”. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes.

Alright, that’s all the rambling/groveling we are prepared to do.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 58 – “Tussin The Salad”

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After a Seattle shoot, Chrenny records at Kenny’s place for the first time ever. Kenny presents a Now Report and Chris retorts with his Just Happened Stuff, then forces Kenny to give him a tour of the apartment.

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Episode 57 – “A Little Unruly”

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Chris and Kenny wrap up the Boundary Bay Halloween experience then gloat over their Best of Western Washington podcast voting finish, running down anyone who finished ahead of them. Also, they refresh listeners on why Kelsey Grammer was disbarred from Chrenny, and contemplate the outcome of a Sasquatch confrontation. EPISODE SPONSOR: GALACTUS.

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