To Hold You Over

02.21.11 | Comment?

No new episode this week. Kenny is blaming himself because he left town, but the truth is that Chris is also very busy and relieved he didn’t have to put the podcast together this week. Nontheless, Kenny has allowed listeners a chance at retribution against him. Between now and next week’s episode, cast your vote for one of the following three humiliating acts. The winning act will be performed by Kenny.

A) Read a self-hate letter Kenny wrote to himself during a particularly bi-polary emotional episode back in February 2008.
B) Air audio of Kenny’s first-ever stand-up set from back in 2000 at Giggles Comedy Club in Seattle.
C) Read a Kenny Davis penned love letter from his high school years.

Cast your votes here or on our Facebook wall! And as if that wasn’t enough merriment in this week off, Chrenny is taking up a suggestion from Listener Andrew and will be holding a Chris vs Kenny vs Listeners free for all March Madness Bracket challenge on Yahoo Sports. It’s free and it’s fun, even if you are not into sports. In fact, having non-fans participate is often wonderful. Here’s how to play!

- Go here and sign up. If you already have a Yahoo account, great. If not, you’ll only need to remember your login through the end of the tournament next month.

- Choose the “Join a Group” option. It will ask you for a group ID# and password (Group 1465, password “garden“).

- Include your name in your bracket title so we know who is beating who! (so far “Team Chris” is the first entry). You won’t be able to fill out your bracket until Selection Sunday on March 13th, so no rush.

Enjoy your week, listeners, and feel free to catch up on our run of respectably-decent episodes the last 3 weeks while we await Kenny’s return.

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