Chrenny's Garden of Delights

About Chrenny

Chrenny is a duo comprised of Chris Patton and Kenny Davis based in Bellingham, Washington. Their podcast, “Chrenny’s Garden of Delights” serves as a launchpad for their bizarre entertainment obsessions and checkered psychological backgrounds with an array of segments that range from casual conversations to cutthroat games and scripted pieces.

Chris Patton, born Chris Patton, is a self described “filmmaker” residing in Bellingham, Washington. His no-budget efforts have brought audiences to the verge of being entertained at the Projections Film Festival, Bellingham’s wildly popular Trailer Wars! competitions, and in the form of the “Bellingham State of Mind” music video. He has recently tried his hand at sketch comedy and enjoys pontificating on his loathing and other obsessions, which include fantasy sports and fake vomit.

Kenny Davis, born Kenneth Davis, is a Seattle born, Olympia raised, Bellingham residing stand-up and sketch comedian.  He hopes to win your approval and a high five.  Maybe even a fist bump.  Things he likes are 90′s sitcoms, pro wrestling, Girlfriend Jess, criticism, you and doing a podcast with Chris.  But mainly pro wrestling. Kenny is also an accomplished sports announcer and reigning voice of the Bellingham Bells.

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Kenny Davis, born Chris Patton, lives in Bellingham, Washington a land of fresh air and El Capitan’s Hot Dogs.  He is a stand-up comedian, a regular participant in the local ongoing film competition Trailer Wars!, a castmember/writer for the sketch comedy troupe Backflip Wilson, the PA announcer for the Bellingham Bells baseball team and the ring announcer for West Coast Fight Club via Fight Night Entertainment shows.  Put another way, Kenny loves the sound of his voice.  When asked about the secret ingredient to his personal hearty stew of eccentric talent, Davis responded “Hi Mom!  Hi Dad!”  It was later discovered to be an unrelated yet kind sentiment.  He’s an only child.  Still his parents favorite anyway.  Oh and he enjoys pro wrestling.  A lot.