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Episode 56 – “For Legal Reasons”

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Chris toughs out a disastrous toothache to record this episode, which Kenny thinks descends into a bizarro world where Chris admits faults, reveals embarassing moments, and is generally pitiful. The two talk scary movies only to realize they’ve already done that segment, then move onto Chris’s letter to UPS and Kenny’s craigslist findings.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 55 – “Get Weddinged”

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Kenny updates his wedding plans, as well as his grandfather’s demensia. Both Chris and Kenny pose Real Or Fake challenges to one another. Stone Cold Steve Austin has a message for you. UPS incurs Chris’s wrath in another chapter of the ongoing Wild Wild West Blu Ray saga.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 54 – “Indecisive Gruel”

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In this kind-of-special Chrepologies episode, Chris and Kenny attempt to attone for some of their false promises of the past, while wading through whatever topics come up, including matching religions with their corresponding sports teams. For the first time in some time, there are listener questions to be answered. EPISODE SPONSOR: ANTHROPRODUCTIONS.

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Episode 53 – “Maybe I’ve Got a Phobia”

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Kenny declares this a “Back to School” episode and takes Chris to one of said institutions via several quizzes, parts of which cause Chris to exhibit moments of rage. Kenny also confesses one of this flaws to set up a future episode. EPISODE SPONSOR: PASTECOMEDY.COM.

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Episode 52 – “Kendrick Jergin”

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In this Season 3 premiere of Chrenny, the guys announce their new tv-style schedule, discuss Bumbershoot, Rodeos on 9/11, and Kenny’s sneaky masturbation. Kenny puts Chris on trial for joining Twitter. EPISODE SPONSOR: ORPHANELLIOTT.COM

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Episode 51 – “Bred From Criminals”

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In this, the Season 2 finale, Kenny has exciting news, and finally decides he should get to know Chris, who talks a mean game of Pigmania and highlights some of Season 2′s finest moments. EPISODE SPONSOR: RORY O’CONNOR.

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Episode 50 – “Ghostlery In This House”

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Chris and Kenny wrap up this week’s Trailer Wars, Chris runs Kenny through a comic-audience confrontation training course, and Kenny whips out the Fall Movie Preview.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 49 – “Canadian Sad”

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Free of law-imposed silence, Chris tells the tale of his jury duty. Kenny dusts off his yearbook and reexamines his popularity among the ladies. Per listener demand, Chris and Kenny each reveal their live-action Captain Planet casts.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 48 – “The Two Twain Shall Meet”

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Kenny is back from his cruise and he is not happy. After his alter ego cleans house, he admits to leaving 1% of himself in Mexico and annihilates Chris with a theraputic revenge quiz.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 46 – “Chrarie Chrutter”

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After Kenny flees the country on an alleged cruise, Chris puts on the first of 2 Kenny-less episodes by utilizing a pair of replacement hosts: listeners Marie Biondolillo and Andrew Cutter. Each co-host separate segments (titled “Little House on the Chrarie” and “Chrutter’s General Store”, respectively) that cover topics such as dads, the Seattle Mariners’ payroll, and Trader Joe’s.

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